Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance™ Coaching Program

Annual or Monthly Payment Options - 12 Months

Grow Your Business Fast, Create a Referral-Generating Machine,  Collaborate With Peers!

$4950 for 12 months



Your Alliance Membership Includes:

  • Two 1:1 Strategy and Implementation Sessions each month to support continuity, accountability, and focus to your Journey to Entrepreneur Excellence
  • Two Trailside Chats each month to provide coach-facilitated collaboration and shared insights with other Alliance Members to accelerate implementation of strategies (aka Iron Sharpens Iron)
  • Co-construction of your Mastermind Coalition – a small but mighty Team of Seasoned Entrepreneurs (like you) that join to create a Referral-generation engine through co-marketing campaigns
  • Coach-facilitated sessions with your Mastermind Coalition (upon request) to guide construction, implementation, and results-tracking of your co-marketing strategies – helping you build a referral-generation machine
  • Monthly Coach-facilitated Hot Seat Mastermind sessions to find solutions and strategies for your biggest obstacles, opportunities and goals
  • Unlimited Access to your Coach via “Laser Coaching Sessions”: 15-30 minutes laser focus on your topic of choice
  • Access to all Alliance Members via a social media-like interface
  • The Kumu Connection – spotlight and showcase your own products or services to other Alliance Members and find new Clients
  • The Resource Library – an ever-growing list of vetted book recommendations, links to blogs, podcasts assets, tools
  • Free Bonus Virtual Workshops offered by selected Luminaries to empower business growth and success
  • Daily Laser Minute Audio Segments for Inspiration
  • Exclusive interviews with Business Icons and Luminaries (Podcast archives)
  • Self-paced programs including frameworks, audio/video guidance, worksheets, and more that will support you in achieving Entrepreneur Excellence. Programs include: Mindset Reinvention, Time Mastery, Relationship Revolution with Family and Tribe, Lifetime Best Fitness, Creating a Legacy Project…and more!

1 payment of $4950 for 12 months (save $990)
12 monthly payments of $495/month

BONUS: Receive 2 months FREE if you agree to a Webinar swap with Coach Steve: you share The Alliance with your audience, I’ll share your offer with mine…and we both win!
(Be sure to get a special coupon code from Coach Steve to receive this Bonus)

Money Back Guarantee: If you participate as agreed, you will generate new business through referral-generations strategies or you will be refunded your investment.